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The Juggernaut’s crew claim they are Roman soldiers damned to spend an eternity in the service of a forgotten god, reveling forever in the glory of slaughter.


When the crew of the Jikininki boards an enemy ship, they kill anyone they cannot put in their cookpots and eat.


Literally a repository for souls who died on the ocean, the Guinee is a sinkhole of evil that drains the will to live from those she encounters.

Delli Reis

The vanguard of marauding Cursed hordes, the “Captain Devil” strikes panic into all who see her on the horizon.

Death Wind

Some members of the Jade Rebellion sold their souls to evil powers rather than capitulate to the imperialists, and continue their fight forever marked by their decision.

Clear Wind

Something happend to the crew of the Clear Wind - something very very bad. Sailors claim you can still hear the screams of the crew when the wind blows and the clouds roll in.


This ancient creature is responsible for the destruction of entire ancient cities, and has now turned its attention to annihilating ships that encroach upon its territory.


These evil fish-men are rumored to be the souls of the mutinous brought back to life by El Fantasma, freed from an ancient temple below the sea.

Hag Of Tortuga

The seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, the Hag of Tortuga was destined to great power as a voodoo priestess. But El Fantasma corrupted her after discovering her ability to speak with the fiends of the sea.

Edward Low

It was with the most sinister joy that Davy Jones reanimated Edward Low. Low was the worst of the pirates, a murderer, torturer, and vile human being who lived to see others suffer. Low was tasked with gathering the first of the Cursed crew, and he now commands the Locker.


White Crew

The White Crew relish the opportunity to rip flesh from bone no matter where it is found, so infused are they with Sammy the Skull’s hatred and venom.


Half-man, half-sea creature, these abominations are trained to leave the fleshy crew of their victims to the sea monsters. They are charged with gathering all of the victims’ precious booty.

Sargasso Nightmare

The Unblinking 99

Ninety-nine people have questioned Papa Doc’s power, and 99 souls have been captured for their insolence. Once you become one of the Unblinking, Papa Doc controls you for eternity, your only mission to follow his orders and spread fear and horror to those who oppose him.

Sargasso Nightmare

Tossed overboard and left for dead, Stephen Kalhoun discovered a dark sea creature that kept him alive as the Sargasso Nightmare. All it asks of him is more blood.

Papa Doc

Papa Doc discovered that he can possess both the dead and living, and he has set his gaze upon the purity that is Josephine Godiva. For if he makes her his one hundredth soul, he will have the power to take on the loa themselves.


Devereaux found his great obsession, the Eye of the Dragon. Its power was everything he hoped it was—and more: Its power condemned him to a living death under its control.

“Screaming” Mimi

Some say she is nothing more than a mad woman, but others know that she is a spirit forced to spend eternity haunting the sea and seeking revenge on those in uniform—those who let her death go unnoticed.

Banshee’s Wail

Tidal Fiends

Sailors who always believed themselves safe when the horizon was clear were stunned by this new terror, born of the water itself.

Sir Edmund

Cruel Sir Edmund, Edmund of Kent, trick’d men to his crew, but ignored their lament. His sword and his temper, they all knew too well, “If you’ve serv’d under Edmund, you’ve no fear of Hell.” Dragg’d under the sea, consum’d by a beast, bound e’re to their

Sammy the Skull

Who Sammy was in life is not known. What Sammy is now is not really known either. A living skeleton? A manifestation of dark and ancient sea gods? A puppet under the control of El Fantasma? What does matter is that he has command of all military operation


The Wraith was Davy Jones’ most powerful and feared disciple, a death machine who caused crews to scuttle their own ships rather than face him. That was, until Crimson Angel tricked him into kissing her, rendering him powerless. Davy Jones has given him a second—and final—chance.

El Fantasma

After replacing the Wraith as Davy Jones’ second-in-command, El Fantasma has set out to recruit the most bloodthirsty crew from the four corners of the world. He cares not if they are alive or dead—only that they will do his bidding.


Stabbing his own English patriots in the back, Cavendish joined with rebellious warlords and then attacked his former mates. When he was offered even more influence from Davy Jones, he turned all the warlords over to him, dead or alive. Cavendish’s only true allegiance is to power.


A strange fog seems to follow the Terror, spirit-like wisps swirling about her decks whenever she surfaces.

Count Gustov

Silver Current

The captain of the Silver Current is called the “Mountain of Wealth” and has brought untold riches to her crew in Chinese ports.


Shaihulud is a large and ancient creature widely believed to have come from another world.

Seven Brothers

On the day it set sail, omens said the Seven Brothers would not return to port until its holds had been filled with gold a hundred times.


On the Phlegyas, the names of those who fall in battle are carved into its masts, and their spirits are said to protect the ship.


The Nautilus is Captain Nemo’s flagship and his greatest creation, a ship so powerful and terrible that she is often mistaken for a creature from the deep.


The crew of the Munchhausen claim it was once commanded by the Baron of the same name, where he discovered one of the Mysterious Isles was made of cheese.


Though slowed considerably by the weight of her thick, iron hull, the Hephaestus once survived a direct shot from a 30-pound cannonball.

Herr Fuchs


A favorite tactic of the Fathom is to surface in the middle of a battle to sink a weakened ship, and then gather plunder from the ocean floor.

Nikos Chelios


Sailors’ tales say that the Duncan is crewed by traitors and cannibals more likely to eat their captives than ransom them.

Divine Dragon

The Chinese sailors aboard the Divine Dragon claim that when their ship rams another, their golden dragon masthead will come to life and fight for them.

Devil Ray

With plans from Nemo, Angria has created one of the fastest submersibles ever seen. Rumor has it that the Devil Ray can journey from Bombay to Fiji without surfacing.


The Corcoran came to the Mysterious Isles in search of the many monsters in their waters, but are the crew are happy to use their 'sea bombs' on ships as well.


Cadara is a Kraken so large that when it sits near the surface it has been mistaken for an island.

Brave Selkirk

The Brave Selkirk was named by Nemo’s shipbuilders in honor of the ancient sailor who called the Mysterious Islands home, long before even Nemo did.

Bosun’s Bane

The ragtag crew of rebels and mutineers aboard the Bosun’s Bane will turn on each other if they go too long without attacking another ship.


Captain Smith credits the speed of his ship to a single member of his crew, a native shaman who claims to be able to control the winds.

Bashaw Folly

Those who don’t believe in sea monsters quail when they see the serpent’s skull used as a figurehead by the Bashaw Folly.


The Barracuda was originally built by Nemo as a gift for his friend Robur, years before the infamous “Conqueror” took to the air.

Captain Nemo

His past as mysterious as the islands he has claimed to have found, and with riches beyond that of many of the Crowns of Europe, Captain Nemo has given those dissatisfied with the current state of the world a new vision: allegiance to oneself and honor to the sea.

Yeshaji Angria

The last of the Angria dynasty, Yeshaji watched as the English fleet bombarded his family holdings near Bombay. He knew then that the age of piracy was dead. But when he saw Nemo’s Nautilus surface from the depths, he saw a new way to restore his family’s pride and power.

Thane Hartless

The only “submersible” captain that openly recruits crew and allows crew to leave when they want. Because of that policy Thane has become an outcast of the other outcasts. Nemo has shunned him and Gustov would like him dead, but Thane has became the friend of sailors looking toward the future.

Queen Teresa Pavon

When she was born the high priest in her village had a dream - that Teresa Pavon would be the Queen that brought back the Mayan Civilization to it's hights. A chance meeting with Nemo led her to beleive that the modern technology was the means to reach glory and power she is destined to wield.

Osvaldo de Deus Celemente

Piracy was a dead end for this Cuban, who saw his countrymen cut down by better technology. So in a daring midnight raid, he took control of a Spanish ship and vowed that slavers the world over would pay. He hopes someday to meet the rumored Nemo and learn some of his secrets.

Nikos Chelios

With shipping companies spread across the globe, the richest man in Greece felt he had conquered the sea. But when Gustov took him on a trip in his submarine, Chelios’ eyes were opened to a world he had no control over. Using Nemo’s technology, he has set out to prove that the true masters of the sea sail under it, not above it.

Luc Savard

Watching Canada become a pawn and forgotten territory while the upstart United States thrived, Savard grew increasingly dissatisfied. Starting life as a pirate preying on U.S. ships was a start, but when he was outlawed by Canada, he vowed to fight on his own until he controlled the entire hemisphere.

Ibrahan Ozat

Petty conflicts in the Mediterranean became as silly as they were deadly, and Ozat knew he could not take another order from a sultan who never left his perfumed baths or pile of pillows. With rumors of uncharted islands, wealth beyond dreams, and technology unheard of in Europe, Ozat set sail for the Mysterious Islands.

Herr Fuchs

With the Prussian courts choosing favorites, Herr Fuchs saw his ingenuity too often declined. After consulting with Nemo, he saw the future: Leave Germany with his team of designers, take to the sea, and never again sell his designs.

Eileen Brigid O’Brien

With her family imprisoned by England and their land given to the Golds, O’Brien vowed revenge on all involved. With Nemo’s technology, Irish wealth in the New World, and a crew of dedicated freedom fighters, O’Brien has taken her fight against England to the sea.

Count Gustov

Dissatisfied with czarist Russia, Count Leonardo Gustov contacted Nemo with the idea of a partnership, two men creating their own world order by destroying the old. Nemo declined but agreed to offer him his technology. Gustov has used it to wage his personal war on the minions of the “soon-to-be-dead queens and kings of Europe.”

Christian Fiore

Fiore had a knack for getting people to tell him their secrets, for creating kings. Eventually the objects of his manipulations began to bore him, and hearing of Gustov’s plan, he took his talents to the sea to help create a new world order.